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The first TUFTEX EXPERIENCE was held in Cleveland, Ohio, with 375 balloon professionals from all over the world in attendance. The successful event combined both learning opportunities with twelve of the most colorful balloon artist groups in the industry as well as social events that included a dueling piano party, a gala, a party cruise 2023


TEAM TUFTEX expands to beyond Norwalk, Ohio! The addition of the superstars of the balloon world, the Decolovers from Miami, grew the TUFTEX family to not only one but two more TEAM members to spread the word that TUFTEX Balloons are the best! Now the family has grown even more with the introduction of Confetti 2022


A new line of foil balloons, etc. by TUFTEX, is launched after our TEAM decided the market didn’t have enough on-trend foil choices available.  The first etc. by TUFTEX foils included The Catty Series: Neva, Kitty, Simba and Wild, and has grown to include more than 35 designs (and counting)! The balloons are manufactured by 2021


The first collection of trendy and unique TUFTEX colors to wow the balloon industry are created by Dominic and Allison: the Naturals Collection, which included Fog, Willow, Canyon Rose and Blue Slate. The collection was launched just prior to COVID at FLOAT and featured very opaque, deep and moody balloon hues perfect for mature celebrations 2020


Changes are made regarding the focus of the company after operating through several helium shortages, which greatly affected the outdoor/promotional balloon market. TEAM TUFTEX begins strategies to appeal to the professional balloon artist and streamlines the distribution network. Allison also created a new look using the TUFTEX Balloons logo.


Mike & Allison Will purchased the factory from the original owner’s descendants, making them the second family to own the business in its’ 100+ years of existence. The new company is named Goodlevel Enterprises, an acronym using the first letter of the names of their five sons. Neither had any experience in manufacturing or experience 2017


Maple City transitioned from producing balloons for parties to manufacturing them for advertising as a way to distance the brand from lower-quality imports. Tuf-Tex quickly established itself as the leader in the outdoor balloon advertising market, which then highlighted the strength and durability of our 17” balloons as the best balloons for all weather conditions.


The Tuf-Tex line of balloons, manufactured by The Maple City Rubber Company, was incorporated and was thriving after World War II’s end. Tuf-Tex balloons were being supplied to distributors all around the world.


The Red Cross Rubber Company was established at 55 Newton Street, Norwalk, Ohio by Claud V. Martin, Sr., and his brother-in-law, Charles Switzer. Our Customer Service TEAM office and employee break room is currently housed in this part of the building, which was originally built as a rooming house. The initial focus of the business 1915